Yllume Skincare

Yllume Skincare

Gold Leaf Spa is stockist of YLLUME skincare products ?

Yllume products work through the use of skin supplement and topical cream for a lighter, brighter skin that works to target melanin production at a cellular level, using the breakthrough ingredient ‘Colourless Carotenoids’ which are derived from naturally grown white tomatoes. Colourless Carotenoids are naturally found in the outer most layers of the skin at 38 %. Those deficient in these carotenoids show signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, rosacea, acne, melasma and dry skin. Yllume contains high levels of these carotenoids and is thus able to address these issues via a unique approach as never done before, delivering unique lightening actives both topically and internally.

Yllume has been developed and manufactured in England and Japan, using natural and nature-derived ingredients in high concentrations, so that its effects are noticeable within 28 days (based on clinical trials done by Dermscan France under medical control and in the USA via AMA laboratories).

  • Protects from the inside
  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation – age spots, liver spots, acneic scar tissue and rosacea
  • Replenishes skin’s radiance, rehydrates, and regenerates dull, dry skin
  • Soothes and calms sun damage at a cellular level.
  • Fights premature ageing caused by intensive aesthetic treatments such as peels
  • Defends against UV damage and boosts collagen
  • Replenishes skin’s defences
  • Improves moisture balance

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